The New Device Generation
Knows Your Needs Better

VINNO P Series with its outstanding innovative ideas and high integrated design scheme achieves a number of key areas of breakthroughs. It creates a new generation of smaller system shape, more powerful performance and is suitable for a variety of clinical scenarios.
The 2 generation ultrasound P Series, to the greatest extent possible, provides assist for doctors in efficient and sustainable clinical diagnostic support.

Big Heart in A Small Body

Wide Range of Probe Frequency Support

The system can perform multiple frequencies in a wide range of 2-16 MHz to cover the human body from shallow to deep tissue areas. The maximum supported scanning depth is 36cm.

VSpeckle The Speckle-noise Cancellation Algorithm

VSpeckle can support multi-level image raw data processing to continuously enhance image tissue boundaries and reduce speckle noise and tissue artifacts.
The system supports adjustable parameters levels (0-6) and presents the user with more image style display options.

Get An Image You Can Trust

VINNO P Series adopts VINNO first advanced high performance wireless data transmission and processing platform with enhanced large data volume.
Acquisition and real-time processing by avoiding image transmission delay and data loss problems to ensure that diagnostic information is not distorted. The professional software package supports a powerful data post-processing capability.

VFusion The Spatial Composite Imaging Technology

Through the acquisition of image data from different spatial angles for super-position fusion processing, VFunion greatly enriches the image information, improves the overall contrast resolution and significantly suppresses the noise level.

Explore More Application Scenarios

Useful for diagnosis in the operating room and real-time monitoring of biopsy processes, wireless data transmission, whole device waterproof to meet aseptic requirements.
Applied in ward rounds to judge prognosis effect and outpatient examination where traditional equipment is too big to use.
Suitable outside the hospital, for emergency treatment and sport injuries and other complex applications.It is handy and easy to use.
Professional medical training tool, available for medical students to carry out medical teaching in theory and practice closely to reality.
Home use, can be equipped with professional guiding software, so that people can use it at home and constantly monitor one´s health.

Originality in Design and Simplicity

Remote Ultrasound Solutions

Remote Editing to Generate Graphic Reports

Remote Online Software Version Update

When the current software version requires update, the user can directly click on the “About” interface of the application software after the smart terminal is connected to the Internet.

Data Transmission

VINNO P Series Accessories

We’ve designed the accessories with protection and easy-to-use in mind. The customized versatile probe storage box, light backpack and robust suitcase offer a highly mobile wireless ultrasound solution with high-level protection to carry around. The durable and easily maneuverable tablet stand and tablet cart simplify plenty of tasks with hands-free experience. The 3 party disinfectant and wipes offer an easy-to-use and effective sterilization option.