Aquilion PRIME provides complete clinical flexibility, industry leading patient care, comfort and workflow - All in a compact, energy efficient installation

Aquilion PRIME 80 and 160 slice models leverage Toshiba's Innovations developed for the Aquilion ONE 320 detector row systems to deliver advanced iterative reconstruction and ultra helical data acquisition in routine clinical environments.



Maximize clinical outcomes with automated advanced applications.


Evolutionary features in a compact design

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Evolution Gantry Design

The Aquilion PRIME Evolution gantry features design innovations to improve the scanning experience for patients and improve ease of use and safety for technologists. 

Tech Assist Lateral Slide, another Toshiba first, provides technologists unparalleled ease in positioning patients, reducing physical strain. 

The wide 78 cm open bore and 47cm wide couch ensures even the largest of patients remain at ease during scanning. This design also offers superior patient access to physicians during interventional procedures.

Efficient design for decreased costs and improved working environment.

With a re-engineered gantry designed to decrease installation space, decrease heat generation and decrease power requirements, Aquilion PRIME has significant savings in costs. 

Additionally these redesigned factors improve the ambient operating environment of the system with less noise in the scan room from air-conditioning units and a more pleasant experience for the patient.

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Automated, Streamlined, Instantaneous

Streamlined workflow from set up to diagnosis

Fast & safe patient positioning with tech assist lateral slide
Real time dual scanogram
Scan plan
Scan start
InstaView instantaneous image reconstruction & review
Simultaneous full resolution image reconstruction @ 60 images per second with AIDR3D

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80 Detector Row Ultrahelical - with Gantry Tilt

Routine 80 row Ultrahelical acquisition is 43% faster than conventional 64 detector row helical systems. This increased acquisition speed results in shorter scan times, decreased contrast usage and costs and improved image quality due to decreased movement artifacts. 

Aquilion PRIME allows a full +/- 30 deg gantry tilt for helical acquisitions, which assists in patient positioning and decreasing dose to radiosensitive organs such as the eyes. 

Toshiba's unique Double Slice technology improves spatial resolution and image quality by providing 160 slices per rotation with no dose penalty.

Clinical Flexibility with Adaptive Diagnostics

Variable Helical Pitch, SURESubtraction and SURECardio Prospective are Toshiba unique Adaptive Diagnostic scan modes that simplify complex protocols and provide consistent quality results.

In conjunction with standard techniques such as dual energy and shuttle perfusion Aquilion PRIME provides total clinical flexibility.

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Save time and storage space with Toshiba's hybrid reconstruction kernels. These newly introduced iterative reconstruction algorithms provide sharp lungs and excellent soft tissue resolution in the one image. Reading times are shortened as you only need to concentrate on a single series to make a definitive diagnosis.

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