Aquilion LB

From pediatric to bariatric. And everyone in between.

In a healthcare environment that increasingly requires doing more with less, Toshiba’s Aquilion™ Large Bore CT system delivers. Accomplishing the need to image patients faster, safer and more comfortably while optimizing workflow and system utilization in more ways than ever.

Expanding Patient Access and Applications

Starting with the industry’s biggest and widest bore and advanced dose reduction technology — coupled with its highest capacity couch — Aquilion Large Bore easily accommodates the widest range of patients. Add today’s thinnest slices and largest field-of-view (FOV), and the Aquilion Large Bore offers the perfect combination of image quality and patient safety for oncology planning, bariatric imaging and low-dose CT interventions.


Clinical Applications

Aquilion Large Bore makes it easy to marry radiation therapy with CT simulation positioning. Every time, for every patient, without compromise.


Patient-Focused Care

Aquilion Large Bore systems feature advanced dose reduction and image-processing software. Developed based on Toshiba’s long-standing commitment to improving patient safety.


Integrated Efficiency

The Aquilion Large Bore increases access while improving patient comfort, compliance and convenience.


Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction integrated 
into SUREExposure3D — AIDR 3D

This iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and processing the data repeatedly. 

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Practical Experience

Clinical Case Studies -- RF


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Clinical Case Studies -- Multipurpose


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RADREX-i Dual Detector System at Kariya Toyota General Hospital


Enterprise Integration

Toshiba designs embrace open network standards to facilitate easy integration in the widest variety of network environments, complying with DICOM and IHE standards to assure standards-based communications protocol between network systems.

Kalare - IHE Integration

product-details-6.jpg Toshiba supports open standards for data communication and has implemented data communications in alignment with IHE: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. These protocols allow users to boost clinical efficiency with universal connectivity for simple access and distribution of data across any size physician or hospital network

Kalare - DICOM Integration


The Kalare includes complete DICOM compatibility as standard. Only Toshiba offers all the 6 major DICOM Service Classes Standard with every system: