Alexion is the new entry level multislice CT system for customers who require high patient through-put, advanced 3D and post processing applications and who also demands the latest in dose reduction technologies. In addition to developing Alexion with advanced technology in a small package, the system includes a navigation mode operation for first time and novice users.


State-of-the-art dose reduction

Reducing the radiation dose to patients is a primary focus for Toshiba which is why Alexion incorporates the very latest dose reduction technology in the standard configuration.


Efficient workflow

Alexion is designed with the latest in hardware, software and reconstruction technology to keep pace with a busy work load.

Navigation mode

Alexion offers unique navigation-mode operation that guides the operator through every step of the examination with state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation.
Newly developed intelligent filming functionality automatically compiles images in a pre-defined layout for fast and efficient workflow.
Navigation mode is perfectly suited for novice users and part-time operators who may be required to perform scanning outside normal working hours, and enables all users to take advantage of the high performance of this multislice CT system.

Fast reconstruction

A newly developed reconstruction system supports a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, allowing rapid diagnosis and fast patient through-put.




Clinical Applications, Easy Installation

Many of the advanced applications originally developed for Toshiba's premium-level CT systems can also be enjoyed on Alexion.

Lung volume analysis*

Lung volume analysis* automatically quantifies tissue in the lung fields with a CT number lower than the specified value (regions of pulmonary emphysema) for visualization and analysis.

Alexion is easy to use and easy to install. The time and effort for installation has been reduced to minimize downtime at your institution.

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Practical Experience

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Enterprise Integration

Toshiba designs embrace open network standards to facilitate easy integration in the widest variety of network environments, complying with DICOM and IHE standards to assure standards-based communications protocol between network systems.

Kalare - IHE Integration

product-details-6.jpg Toshiba supports open standards for data communication and has implemented data communications in alignment with IHE: Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. These protocols allow users to boost clinical efficiency with universal connectivity for simple access and distribution of data across any size physician or hospital network

Kalare - DICOM Integration


The Kalare includes complete DICOM compatibility as standard. Only Toshiba offers all the 6 major DICOM Service Classes Standard with every system: