Human resources

   At CMC Biotech Group of companies, we strongly believe that excellent work achievements come from people who are inspired to bring “Passion” and “Trust” to their work.  The first and foremost priority that we believe is to firmly establish “Trust” in employees’ minds, resulting in making employees highly motivated and engaged in the company and all  activities.  Once they have “Trust” and are powerfully engaged, they will exhibit the willingness to offer valuable efforts to work, increased level of loyalty and, significantly, the profound “Passion” to their own careers and workplace.

Besides building trust in employees’ minds, other thing that must be cultivated along with trust is “Passion”.  In order to keep our employees continuously motivated, engaged and unified, employees’ passion should be shaped, strengthened and comprehended so as to drive employees to develop energies to bring about outstanding work performances and constructive impacts to their work and the organization.

In all, we, CMC Biotech Group of Companies, are a unique and rewarding place to work. As you consider your employment opportunities, we inspire you to take chances to learn various things that totally make us different from other places.

We are proud to offer interesting programs, benefits, and services for our community. On this website is an overview of CMC Biotech, its outstanding benefit offerings and other resources. We hope this information gives you a better picture of all that the company has to offer. Among the materials you shall find:

    A summary of CMC's history, mission, and values

  • HRA Policy
  • An overview of benefits offered
  • Highlights of the available education and training resources
  • Important Employment Information

We strive to ensure an inclusive environment in all aspects of campus life that fosters a strong sense of trust and mutual respect.  For a complete listing of current job openings, please click here.  For general questions, please contact Human Resources at 02-530-4995-6 or via email.   

Thank you for your interest in CMC Biotech Co., Ltd, and we wish you much

success in your career endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Human Resources Manager